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I am selling short fiction to the buyer's prompt. Approximately four cents a word, which means if you give me $15, I'll shoot for 375 words. But you might get 400. :)

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer is generously matching the words, so that if you give me $15 and give us each a prompt, you get two stories of about 375 words each!

Further details at both links. This is a fundraiser for moving expenses—and my July student loan payment, because I don't have that cash on hand anymore, having paid the security deposit with it.

Thank you for reading.
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The (San Francisco) Bay Area Bisexual Network, celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2017, is stepping out from under the umbrella of our fiscal sponsor and filing for 501(c)3 status.

Our fundraiser is badly stalled out, and could use a push. ;-) Please consider a donation to help with our operating costs, and if you can't afford to contribute, please boost the signal.
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**EDIT: Sadly we lost Hermen during prepping for surgery. I am now trying to raise funds to pay off his final bill.

I was already a bit down on my financial luck this month after a car repair pretty much drained out my savings, but now I really need some help.

My cat, Hermen, is going in for surgery tomorrow to remove a bladder stone that we have been trying to treat with a food based stone dissolution diet for the past 8 months. Unfortunately, that plan didn't work and he has to have the surgery. An expensive surgery that my household can't afford. So, I am asking for help. The good news is that there are several ways that you can help!

1. You can check out Hermen's fundraiser on YouCaring. Donations are greatly appreciated. I don't want him to suffer with this.

2. If you want to make a donation to Hermen's bills directly, I have a post with my vet's phone number. They are happily taking credit card payments over the phone to help Hermen. They vet techs really like him. :)

3. I am selling a bunch of random things. I also have a book/CD/DVD donation drive in the same post where you can name your donation amount, though you will have to pay shipping. Please have a look and see if you would be interested.

4. This one is absolutely free - please, please, please signal boost the heck out of any of the above. Our cat really needs the care and while the vet does payment plans, they only do them for 90 days out. Unfortunately with the enormity of the surgery bill, we won't be able to pay in full by the end of 90 days. I don't want to compromise our good standing with our vet since I want Hermen to continue to receive good care.

Any monies raised above and beyond Hermen's needs will be put into a vet fund to help another family in dire financial need with their vet bills.

Thank you so much!!

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Long story very short, my mom and siblings need to be out of their current place by the end of July. She and my stepdad can't get a mortgage because he currently works in Hawaii, but they want to buy in (ideally!) Washington (state, not DC ;) ); my stepdad is applying to jobs in WA, but as y'all know, job hunting is often NOT a fast process.

So, since July is fast approaching (and that IS a hard and fast deadline, sadly), they're trying to raise enough that my mom and sibs can afford somewhere to stay in the interim, and ideally get driving lessons for her (she hasn't driven in over a decade!), my siblings who are old enough, and job retraining for her, since she's been a stay-at-home mom for many, many years. (And believe me, we appreciate it, but now it's a bit disadvantageous for her!)

My mom & sibs would also love to be able to keep their cats; barring that, to rehome them in good places that can afford to take care of them properly!

Here's the link:

They're asking for US$10,000 which, judiciously used, should get them somewhere for (hopefully!) long enough. I know it's a lot, but even if you only have US$1 to spare - or if you can't afford even that (we know very well money is tight for many) please, please signal boost - they, and I, would be so very, very grateful!

(Stretch goals: $$ for me to come visit them at some point, and/or for sibs (and me??) to visit our new stepfamily in Hawaii.

(Insane stretch goal: enough to buy a house. Probably won't happen, but it's really nice to imagine! ;D)

Cross posted to my tumblr here, please boost there too if so inclined.

(I hope I have this tagged correctly!)
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The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project is looking for donations to help a bisexual woman make her $3,000 immigration bond. Maggie is afraid that if she is returned to Poland, she'll face persecution for her sexual orientation. She has two small children who have been separated from her for over a month.

Learn more (and contribute if you can) here:

I have no direct connection to this effort; the link came to me via the (SF) Bay Area Bisexual Network discussion list, and as I am not in a position to contribute myself, I wanted to get the word out.
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via [personal profile] bilqis

Indiegogo | Ferguson Defense Fund

Ferguson protestors need money for jail, bail & life. The Ferguson Legal Defense Fund will help. There are protestors in Ferguson who will stay there protesting until an indictment is handed down. And indictment is hardly justice, but it is the fairest procedure. These are young men and women who have put their lives on hold to stand up for all of our freedoms. The overly militarized police force in Ferguson has attempted to criminalize them by harassing and throwing them in jail for exercising their right to peaceful protest. They need our help. They need money for legal funds and they need money to live. The Ferguson Legal Defense Fund will help. We have partnered with Tef Poe and Tory Russell from Ferguson October to make sure the funds received go exactly where they are needed.
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...when the autopay for your debt-management program leaves your bank account overdrawn.

My husband [personal profile] gridlore had a stroke last July. We've been desperately trying to pare back our budget to the point where we can manage on our own, all while paying off the last of the outstanding bills from his hospitalization and rehab. And we're close...but not quite close enough.

We have four $300(ish) payments left on his truck before we own it free and clear, and having that money available will make staying on top of the bills MUCH easier. But at the moment, we're in the hole, and it's another week and a half before I get my next paycheck.

In the interest of not asking for something for nothing, I make scarves; anyone who is willing to send me $20 can give me color preferences in a message, and I'll see what I have that I can offer you. (The ones in the picture are all gone; I have some of the same colors available.)

My PayPal address is purplekoosh at gmail. And whether or not you can help, thank you for reading.

Edit, 2227PDT: My currently-available scarves are now in this post.
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[personal profile] sharpeningthebones is asking for help to get their car repaired. Them and their housemates are looking to get out of a really shitty living situation (like, their house is quite literally falling apart - one of the rooms doesn't have a roof, and only two of the rooms are actually livable) and they need their car to get all their stuff moved. One of their housemates, [personal profile] thelinesoflearning, is also offering tarot readings, writing, editing, audio recording, graphic making, and filking to raise money for this. Please consider helping if you have money to spare.
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I had a surgery earlier this month and have had complications from it. I'm trying to raise money to afford wound care supplies while I heal, since they're not covered by my insurance. I'm selling tarot readings here and, even if you're not able to buy a reading, I'm giving away free 2-card readings.

If you could help out, even just to signal boost things, I'd appreciate it tons. Thanks.
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Several days ago, 14/1/2014, my friend [ profile] KDSarge's teenage daughter, Hope, ran away from their home in Arizona. There's still no news on her whereabouts as of 10pm PST.

From the original post on KD's blog:
Yesterday my daughter ran away to chase her dream (being a rock star) even though she can’t sing or play. She’s barely fifteen, and apparently she’s headed to California. All her friends seem as surprised as I am.

Since then, several followup links have been posted, from the original get-the-message-out post on Tumblr, to another two tumblr posts, one with more descriptions, and one with some fuller pictures of Hope, to a followup post on her blog with more pictures, and the creation of a Find Hope facebook page with further information (including Hope's note to her mother).

I've known KD for a few years now, and she's a great person. Please signal boost however you can - tweet it, reblog KD's tumblr posts, share it on Facebook, even in your own journals, whatever - especially if you live in the southwest US or know people who do. The more eyes on this, the more people aware and putting out info, the better chance there is Hope will be found (hopefully). Let's get the word out.

Thanks. ♥

I'll be adding more info to my personal signal-boosting post as and when it becomes available. ETA: She's been found! \o/
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My friend Angela "Muse" Williams was married just two weeks ago; a fire broke out in their home this morning in the pre-dawn hours. She and her husband escaped from an upstairs window, resulting in a broken foot for her, and their dogs are being treated for smoke inhalation. They quite literally have nothing but the clothes on their backs (not even shoes), and friends have set up an IndieGogo campaign to help them recover.
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The theme for my mother's elementary school for 2013-2014 is superheroes. (Kids are their own superheroes, in charge of their lives. School staff can give them all the tools to prepare but it ultimately is up to them. Be the hero of your own story.) I'm helping her come up with a display (which might be school-wide and might be just for her classroom), and we'd like some help!

details here! )
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20 hours left on the clock before it closes, so zoom over immediately to check out Big City Beauty (experienced beauty artist making the leap to opening her own salon and boutique).
'I've served as a volunteer at domestic violence and sexual assault emergency shelters giving haircuts and manicures to women before they go on job interviews, I've always given away free haircuts to kids under 13 - regardless of their parents' financial situation. Looking good truly can help us feel good, too.' )

At this point, every little bit helps - seriously, every dollar, every signal boost. This is the kind of small business that shelters and grows community out and about in the world; I hope you'll join me in investing what you can spare.
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[personal profile] josie's father has recently passed away & her & her family need all the help they can get with the funeral & upcoming bills. To that end, [personal profile] josie is offering art & video commissions. See her post on DW or on tumblr for further details on pricing & fandoms & such.


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