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Hello, all! I hope it is okay to post this here. Because money has been a bit tight but I am still hoping to keep my personal sites up, I'm looking for people who would be interested in sharing the costs of a web hosting plan with me. I've barely used up a fraction of my available disk space so unless you are planning on a very media-heavy site, there's plenty of room for blogs and such!

At the moment I've got two potentially interested friends, so the more we are, the less each person has to pay. :) I'm currently more familiar with installing WordPress sites and attaching domains to those, but if you're more interested in a personal folder I'll have to look into setting up passwords and such.

For the sake of transparency, my current plan is at $60/yr, so if there's two of us, it's $30/yr, if there's three of us, $20/yr, four of us, $15/yr, and so on... this just excludes custom domain name fees, and you can purchase yours wherever you feel most comfortable and I'll take care of attaching the domain to the account. But if you're okay with having a free subdomain at either,, or, that's okay, too--no extra fee for that. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!! ♥
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Hey guys, this only has 9 days to make it's goal! They only need to raise about $750.

This looks really awesome and would be so great if it were fully funded.

Boost  on social media if you can?

Papers and Paychecks Kickstarter: A roleplaying game of workers and students in an industrialized and technological society, based on Will McLean's original cartoon.
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Alex Needs To Finish College, Powered By GoFundMe

I need an estimated $2100 by the beginning of April in order to get my diploma in the mail. I want to walk at graduation mid-June; that will take an additional estimated $2000. I plan to apply after graduation for another program of study; it has no tuition, but required texts and strongly recommended references will total an estimated $400 and additional recommended texts an estimated $2000.

If you are willing and able to help me finish college, please donate and/or signal-boost.

Thank you!
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**EDIT: Sadly we lost Hermen during prepping for surgery. I am now trying to raise funds to pay off his final bill.

I was already a bit down on my financial luck this month after a car repair pretty much drained out my savings, but now I really need some help.

My cat, Hermen, is going in for surgery tomorrow to remove a bladder stone that we have been trying to treat with a food based stone dissolution diet for the past 8 months. Unfortunately, that plan didn't work and he has to have the surgery. An expensive surgery that my household can't afford. So, I am asking for help. The good news is that there are several ways that you can help!

1. You can check out Hermen's fundraiser on YouCaring. Donations are greatly appreciated. I don't want him to suffer with this.

2. If you want to make a donation to Hermen's bills directly, I have a post with my vet's phone number. They are happily taking credit card payments over the phone to help Hermen. They vet techs really like him. :)

3. I am selling a bunch of random things. I also have a book/CD/DVD donation drive in the same post where you can name your donation amount, though you will have to pay shipping. Please have a look and see if you would be interested.

4. This one is absolutely free - please, please, please signal boost the heck out of any of the above. Our cat really needs the care and while the vet does payment plans, they only do them for 90 days out. Unfortunately with the enormity of the surgery bill, we won't be able to pay in full by the end of 90 days. I don't want to compromise our good standing with our vet since I want Hermen to continue to receive good care.

Any monies raised above and beyond Hermen's needs will be put into a vet fund to help another family in dire financial need with their vet bills.

Thank you so much!!

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gross ableism )

If you can, please help signal boost, as I am currently low on spoons.

(Currently cross-posted to my own journal, headed over to [community profile] disability to cross-post.)
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Long story very short, my mom and siblings need to be out of their current place by the end of July. She and my stepdad can't get a mortgage because he currently works in Hawaii, but they want to buy in (ideally!) Washington (state, not DC ;) ); my stepdad is applying to jobs in WA, but as y'all know, job hunting is often NOT a fast process.

So, since July is fast approaching (and that IS a hard and fast deadline, sadly), they're trying to raise enough that my mom and sibs can afford somewhere to stay in the interim, and ideally get driving lessons for her (she hasn't driven in over a decade!), my siblings who are old enough, and job retraining for her, since she's been a stay-at-home mom for many, many years. (And believe me, we appreciate it, but now it's a bit disadvantageous for her!)

My mom & sibs would also love to be able to keep their cats; barring that, to rehome them in good places that can afford to take care of them properly!

Here's the link:

They're asking for US$10,000 which, judiciously used, should get them somewhere for (hopefully!) long enough. I know it's a lot, but even if you only have US$1 to spare - or if you can't afford even that (we know very well money is tight for many) please, please signal boost - they, and I, would be so very, very grateful!

(Stretch goals: $$ for me to come visit them at some point, and/or for sibs (and me??) to visit our new stepfamily in Hawaii.

(Insane stretch goal: enough to buy a house. Probably won't happen, but it's really nice to imagine! ;D)

Cross posted to my tumblr here, please boost there too if so inclined.

(I hope I have this tagged correctly!)
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I have been having a rotten run of luck and health. Because of this, even with a second job, I am not breaking even. I am behind on my rent. If I'm not lucky (and if I don't ask for assistance), I will be evicted. Please assist in donating and signal boosting if you can. :)
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Signal Boosting for [personal profile] raze:
Crowd funding for surgical costs incurred by a small scale animal rescue in central Alabama
(content note: please note that an image of a stitched surgical incision appears at the end of the post, since the cut is bypassed by my direct link)

For those of you unfamiliar with [personal profile] raze, please know that they do AMAZING work for many, many animals that would otherwise be completely abandoned or unnecessarily euthanized. Any donations made will go a very long way; they are currently trying to raise $500 for vet bills.

You can also find more about [personal profile] raze 's animals -- including animal rescue and animal care info -- via allcreaturessmall on tumblr (there is also a dw feed for the tumblr if that's your jam). There's miniature pigs and all sorts of creatures, it's worth a look.
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Beyond the Binary is a magazine run for non-binary people in the UK by non-binary people in the UK. It's also a great place for allies to learn more about non-binary experiences, and is read by people worldwide.

They're currently doing a Crowdfunder to help increase under-represented voices such as non-binary people of colour and AMAB and intersex non-binary people. They give a good explanation on their crowdfunding page and their main site of how and why they want to pay some of their volunteer writers.

I've really enjoyed their articles, and thought it may be of interest to some people reading here. I know one of their editors and they do great work.
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Last weekend, my bedroom ceiling suddenly leaked and then collapsed on top of my bed, ruining my mattress topper and mattress. I'm on disability and without renter's insurance, so I'm seeking to raise money to replace the mattress. I've got the details listed here.
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Coworker is going to be homeless if we don't raise money. Please assist:

Update:Ended up having to remove the campaign, as coworker was super uncomfortable with people helping.
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My friend's sister/my friend Alice just lost her job unexpectedly, and she could use a little help to get a new place:

Just today, my sister Alice was abruptly laid off from her job with no warning, leaving her with no income, no insurance, and an apartment she can't pay rent on without that last paycheck.

Plus, without that job, she's rushing to find someplace that she can not only afford, but can also find a new job from.

Please help Alice out if you can!
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The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project is looking for donations to help a bisexual woman make her $3,000 immigration bond. Maggie is afraid that if she is returned to Poland, she'll face persecution for her sexual orientation. She has two small children who have been separated from her for over a month.

Learn more (and contribute if you can) here:

I have no direct connection to this effort; the link came to me via the (SF) Bay Area Bisexual Network discussion list, and as I am not in a position to contribute myself, I wanted to get the word out.
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I'm really tight on money this week for various reasons and I'm kinda really worried, especially since I'll have a co-pay for an appointment this week, plus a need to buy food. And so I'm asking for help, which is a bit hard for me, but I do have to do it.

My post is here. I'm offering tarot card readings. One card draws are for free and I am also offering paid readings as well.
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Hey everyone, I need help. I hate even asking because I was raised by a grandmother who always said that a person should pick themselves up by their bootstraps when they hit bottom. She didn't tell me what happens when the bootstraps break. So, I am asking for help.

On the 23rd of December, my spouse's place of employment closed its doors. There was a small severance but we won't get that for 30 days and it will be taxed. We have a ton of medical bills for the shenanigans that my body has pulled in the last year and a half and I have been unable to work. All this we knew in advance, and had planned for - but the best laid plans fell apart. The medical insurance didn't pay for as much as we thought they would and it left us on the hook owing quite a bit. This put a big dent in any savings we had for the impending unemployment. I am going to try to get the rest of the medical bills reduced or dismissed now that there is no real source of income, and we are looking into unemployment benefits, and SNAP/EBT benefits.

My spouse and I will be fine. We have faced hard times before and came out okay.

But cats...cats don't wait until everything is going great before they get sick. Hermen is one of those cats.

Hermen is an 8 year old tuxedo love bug. He's a little on the chunky side and incredibly dorky, but has been relatively healthy his entire life. Then on January 4th, we had to take him to the emergency vet in the early morning hours because he was urinating every few minutes and producing very little.

Between the emergency vet and our regular vet, he was diagnosed with a bladder stone. And it's pretty big. We talked out our options - diet that supposedly dissolves the stone and surgery - and we all decided that the diet was the easiest and cheapest way to go...if it works. We are willing to give it a try. But now, he has vet bills that we cannot afford, food that is more expensive, and future care that we worry that we will be denied if we cannot pay (even though our vet has been wonderful at working with us).

I love this cat very much and I want to do the absolute best and right thing for him. So, I am asking for help. I have set up a GoFundMe for Hermen, and if you can donate, it would be very appreciated.

Other ways you can help:

1. Please, please signal boost this post or  the GoFundMe page to Facebook, Twitter, Dreamwidth, Livejournal, and any other social media that you can think of. My Facebook only contains family and a very small circle of friends. Word won't spread very far with me alone and I would like Hermen to be visible and get the help he needs.

2. My spouse is an editor/copyeditor and proofreader with newspaper, short story/novella, and magazine experience. If you or anyone you know needs an editor or proofreader, please consider [personal profile] guiltyred for work. You can contact [personal profile] guiltyred via PM on Dreamwidth.

If you need more information or want updates on Hermen's progress, you can take a browse at my journal. I generally keep it locked, but I am opening up the Hermen related posts to the public.

Thank you so much for reading and considering helping Hermen. We are all grateful for anything that anyone can do.

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Please consider donating.

It still makes me sick, what happened, and I can't afford to donate. But I can signal boost.
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I made a longer post, but there is a horrible bill that is making its way through the Senate that would create two tiers of citizens with regards to international travel and visas (and affect citizens in other countries, and what their governments' policies could do, because treaties.)

I hate to just dump HORRIBLE NEWS, but I feel this is super important so I have all the links about the background of the bill, its ramifications as analyzed by the ACLU, petitions, and what people outside the US can do (mostly, nag your government to nag ours).

Feel free to leave cute kitten pictures as comments. Also please signal boost as you can.

ETA: apparently it passes Friday, which I missed because super mad at 4 am. But there is still the court system and the rest of the treaty participants to make us see reason.
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For those of you who don't know me I'm a writer, and I get most of my income from ghostwriting. Due to factors out of my control I find myself in a very difficult position. Although I hope, and believe, things will get better, because they always have done before, I'm asking for help from the Dreamwidth community. The last couple of months have been hard for me because of illness. It's going to be one of those bad winters where I pick up everything and it lasts forever considering the way things have gone so far. My rocky childhood has led to a sucky immune system that I do my best to work around, only it doesn't always work out, as I ghostwrite fiction, and my creativity often fails me when I'm feeling at my very worst.

I'm not asking for something for nothing. I've never been comfortable doing that. Instead I offer words in return for any help, because even the smallest amount is going to make my life much easier than it is right now. My website is here, so you can see my style of writing, and I'm happy to write within my current worlds or something else entirely. My specialisation is speculative fiction, mostly fantasy, sci-fi, and apocalypses, but I also write mysteries, the occasional detective novel, and romance. Basically this means you could ask for a fantasy mystery with some romance and I'd be able to write it. Give me a character name and a genre and I can write you something. If you see something you like at the website and the story isn't finished you can also ask for me to write more of whatever it is. If it is finished I'm certain there's something that follows it.

1000 words of fiction currently cost $5. At the website I have a tipjar for both dollars and pounds, so use whichever one works best, and you can always ask for an invoice in your currency if you want one.

Anything you can spare will go towards my rent payment. If you don't have anything I always appreciate signal boosts.
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A twitter contact of mine has started a gofundme campaign to help a Tunisian friend come to the US. As the campaign explains:

"M is a queer 20 year old Tunisian woman, who is studying computer science. She dreams of becoming a forensic scientist but currently is facing threats against her life for looking (and being) gay. Being homosexual is currently an offense punishable by jail time in Tunisia, though gay Tunisians often face life threatening violence and harassment. M has had threats against her life, classmates promising to beat her, etc., but she cannot afford the costs to come to the US."

For more information or to donate, see the campaign: Help M Become a Scientist


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