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Alex Needs To Finish College, Powered By GoFundMe

I need an estimated $2100 by the beginning of April in order to get my diploma in the mail. I want to walk at graduation mid-June; that will take an additional estimated $2000. I plan to apply after graduation for another program of study; it has no tuition, but required texts and strongly recommended references will total an estimated $400 and additional recommended texts an estimated $2000.

If you are willing and able to help me finish college, please donate and/or signal-boost.

Thank you!
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[personal profile] zorana wants to talk to fans of color about how you engage (or not) with fannish issues around race. [personal profile] zorana is particularly looking for people from the US, but I bet they would appreciate hearing from anyone anywhere who identifies as something other than white.
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The theme for my mother's elementary school for 2013-2014 is superheroes. (Kids are their own superheroes, in charge of their lives. School staff can give them all the tools to prepare but it ultimately is up to them. Be the hero of your own story.) I'm helping her come up with a display (which might be school-wide and might be just for her classroom), and we'd like some help!

details here! )


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