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[personal profile] zorana wants to talk to fans of color about how you engage (or not) with fannish issues around race. [personal profile] zorana is particularly looking for people from the US, but I bet they would appreciate hearing from anyone anywhere who identifies as something other than white.
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Several days ago, 14/1/2014, my friend [ profile] KDSarge's teenage daughter, Hope, ran away from their home in Arizona. There's still no news on her whereabouts as of 10pm PST.

From the original post on KD's blog:
Yesterday my daughter ran away to chase her dream (being a rock star) even though she can’t sing or play. She’s barely fifteen, and apparently she’s headed to California. All her friends seem as surprised as I am.

Since then, several followup links have been posted, from the original get-the-message-out post on Tumblr, to another two tumblr posts, one with more descriptions, and one with some fuller pictures of Hope, to a followup post on her blog with more pictures, and the creation of a Find Hope facebook page with further information (including Hope's note to her mother).

I've known KD for a few years now, and she's a great person. Please signal boost however you can - tweet it, reblog KD's tumblr posts, share it on Facebook, even in your own journals, whatever - especially if you live in the southwest US or know people who do. The more eyes on this, the more people aware and putting out info, the better chance there is Hope will be found (hopefully). Let's get the word out.

Thanks. ♥

I'll be adding more info to my personal signal-boosting post as and when it becomes available. ETA: She's been found! \o/
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Regularly scheduled events on Dreamwidth open to all.
Time scales included are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and whimsically; I'm looking for more events to add, so if you know any that are open to the general public, please do leave a comment at the post or get in touch with me ([personal profile] jjhunter).

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Via [community profile] access_fandom, [personal profile] sasha_feather has started a list, in the GeekFeminism wiki, of conventions/conferences with access policies! Know any that are missing? Please fill them in :-)
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The theme for my mother's elementary school for 2013-2014 is superheroes. (Kids are their own superheroes, in charge of their lives. School staff can give them all the tools to prepare but it ultimately is up to them. Be the hero of your own story.) I'm helping her come up with a display (which might be school-wide and might be just for her classroom), and we'd like some help!

details here! )


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